Clearing My Gaming Backlog Lets Do This

I buy far too many games. It’s pretty obvious what the problem is. I don’t play them enough, then I get bored and buy more. It’s quite silly really. I’m not the only person either!


Anyway, it’s time to get this backlog under control! I’m going to take part in Four in February again like I did this year. And I’m going to aim to play through 1-2 games each month depending my available free time each month. I’m not sure if I even want to take my PS3 with me back to uni given how many Steam/3DS games I have to complete without extra PS Plus games being added monthly. According to some tool I found online, it’d take me around 2000 hours to complete all of my steam games. Almost four years at ten hours a week…

I’m going to set a few rules for my personal challenge mainly to stop myself from having to play through games I detest and can’t stand. Here they are:

Currently I am working through Dragon Quest 4 on the DS, and my next plan of attack is to play through some of these:

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