Level 9 - Games I Played in June 2020

Posted on 2020-07-06

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Lv 9 - June 2020 / Games played in June 2020 / 32h45m

  1. 51 Worldwide Games - 8h35m
  2. Everybody’s Golf - 6h38m
  3. Prison Architect - 4h21m
  4. Train Simulator - 2h28m
  5. Nintendo Pocket Football Club - 2h22m
  6. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 2h13m
  7. Worms W.M.D. - 1h25m
  8. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - 1h07m
  9. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - 01h04m
  10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 0h55m

Sorry, I don’t want to write about all these games that I played! A few short mentions:

  • 51 Worldwide Games is awesome for local co-op play… Ludo is fun, Blackjack is great, and Toy Baseball is just ridiculous.
  • Prison Architect’s campaign was short but excellent. I should probably try build some more prisons!
  • Download the Mobile to PC mod pack for GTA VC. It looks fucking fantastic running at 4k60fps!

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