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I’ve always loved RSS feeds. From back in the early days when podcasting was the new cool thing to the halycon days of Google Reader right up to the current day when I think everyone should be using RSS feeds to avoid the plague that is modern websites.

RSS feeds give control back to the user and help limit user tracking because you are no longer reading the articles directly in your browser.

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Most sites have an RSS feed (even if they don’t publicise it) because most content management systems produce one. Sometimes you just need to check the <head> section of the source code to find the RSS link - it’s usually pretty obvious.

Sadly, RSS feeds are starting to dissappear as as I mentioned above, they limit the amount of user tracking a website can do. However I thought I would share the feeds I am currently subscribed to in my RSS reader to try and do my bit to help RSS survive. First though, how can you read RSS feeds?

You can use a service like The Old Reader which is a pretty decent replacement for Google Reader (RIP) or you can use local apps like gPodder, Thunderbird, and so on. Currently I am using NetNewsWire which syncs between my tablet and phone using iCloud (I am slowly moving away from hosted services like The Old Reader, Notion, etc - see this post for the background)

NetNewsWire Screenshot

Here are the feeds I am currently subscribed to - I hope you find something interesting amongst them.

Ars Technica -

Bus and Train User -

Hack a Day - -

NIMBY Rails Development Blog -

Terence Eden’s Blog -

The Daily WTF -

The Verge -

VoidStarSec -

Zelda Dungeon -

Nintendo Life -

Pure Xbox -

Eurogamer -

BBC News UK -

BBC News World -

Don’t forget to subscribe to my feed! 😉( #

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