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Another post in my series of ‘if I don’t document it, I will forget how to do this again in 2 years time!

I recently wanted a visual indicator as to whether the temperature in our home was rising and falling. This is possible with Home Assistant but the configuration is a bit cumbersome (like most of Home Assistant, honestly…)

Temperature Sensors with temperature reading and trend (rising/falling)

To start with, take note of the names of the temperature sensors you want to create Rising/Falling entities for. In my case, I will be creating three for bedroom, living room, and study.

Take your three temperature sensors, and create a trend entity for each within your configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: trend
        entity_id: sensor.temperature_living_room_temperature
        entity_id: sensor.temperature_bedroom
        entity_id: sensor.temperature_office_temperature

This will create an ‘on/off’ trend sensor which shows ‘on’ if the temperature is raising and off if the temperature is falling. You can set a minimum change on the trend sensor so minor fluctations are ignored, but the default configuration works for me.

Binary Trend Sensors that show on or off depending on the temperature trend within the room

Now we will use this to create a template sensor for each new trend sensor. This will let us customise the text so it says Rising or Falling and also allow us to set a custom entity icon. Once again, this goes in your configuration.yaml file.

  - sensor:
      - name: "xStudyTrend"
        state: >
        icon: > 
      - name: "xLivingRoomTrend"
        state: >
        icon: >
      - name: "xBedroomTrend"
        state: >
        icon: >

If the trend sensor is ‘on’, then the template will return ‘Rising’ and set the icon to ‘mdi:thermometer-chevron-up’. In all other cases, it will return ‘Falling’ and set the icon to ‘mdi:thermometer-chevron-down’.

Make sure all your conditional statements refer to the correct sensor! You might pull your hair out for half an hour if you don’t…. :)

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