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Migrating Pelican To Jekyll

Migrating Pelican To Jekyll

Posted on 2018-10-06


Pelican and Jekyll both use markdown formatting for their posts, but their post metadata (front matter in Jekyll parlance) formatting is slightly different. I have over 150 posts to migrate, so started looking for a few ways to make this...

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How To Scrobble To Last ...

How To Scrobble To Last Fm With Spotify Connect

Posted on 2017-08-16

How-To now natively supports scrobbling from Spotify Connect. The Listenz service has now been discontinued. To enable this, head to your account settings and open the Applications tab. Connect to Spotify here (Spotify Scrobbling) and you’ll be good to...

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Removing Duplicate Scrob...

Removing Duplicate Scrobbles On Last Fm

Posted on 2017-08-15


So, my account/spotify went mental last week and logged a single song 1000 times in a row. Since is currently in the throes of dying and removing every last useful feature from their site, I was wondering how...

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Disabling Sslv3 In Lighttpd

Disabling Sslv3 In Lighttpd

Posted on 2014-11-07


To disable SSLv3 in Lighttpd to mitigate the Poodle attack, add the following to your lighttpd.conf file. ssl.use-sslv2 = "disable" ssl.use-sslv3 = "disable" You need to be running at least Lighttpd 1.4.29

GoAccess - An Awstats Al...

GoAccess - An Awstats Alternative

Posted on 2014-04-04


I didn’t really want to bother with installing AWStats and setting up the cgi stuff that goes with it, as well as setting the web server to ensure the stats stay hidden. I just want to get a rough idea...

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Android O2 Mms Settings

Android O2 Mms Settings

Posted on 2012-02-26


My Samsung Galaxy S2 has been failing to receive picture messages (MMS) since I flashed it with CyanogenMod a few months back. Not a big deal, but it was kind of annoying. No amount of fiddling with the APN settings...

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Apple Airport Express An...

Apple Airport Express And The Case Of The Wrong Region

Posted on 2012-01-06


My Airport Express has been used for about six months via ethernet to stream audio, but recently I moved stuff around and had a tidy up and now my wireless signal in my room is (now, was) rubbish. Initially I...

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Removing EXIF Data Using...

Removing EXIF Data Using

Posted on 2011-02-22


A simple way to remove pesky EXIF data in photos (such as location information): Ctrl + A –> Ctrl + C –> Ctrl + Alt + V This copies the current image, and pastes it into a new file which...

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