Completing The Backlog Fun Fun Minigolf Touch

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This week I completed (unlocked everything I could) Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! for the 3DS. I bought it back in 2012 from the eShop because mini golf is awesome. And then I hardly played it. Maybe it’s because games with ‘Fun! Fun!’ in the title usually aren’t actually that fun? Maybe, I thought that this game was alright. Some courses were ridiculously easy, whilst others were randomly very hard.


The normal mode was a blast once I got back into it, trickshot mode on the other hand wasn’t brilliant. The requirement to get the ball into a ‘safe zone’ within one shot did get a bit annoying on the more complicated levels as it required absolute precision in aiming each shot. Additonally, some of the more ‘complex’ levels were just the same courses with extra boxes and such in the way. There could of been way more imagination used between the European, Asian, and American Cups. I’m thinking hamburgers, great walls, and Eifel Towers if you get what I mean!

Overall my 3DS Activity Log showed that I’d played the game in it’s entirety for about three hours. I probably should of gotten around to finishing this years ago.

On to the next game! Maybe Phoenix Wright Dual Destiny’s or another 3DS download title. In fact I’ve organised a folder on my 3DS which contains the games I want to finish this year:

Of these, quite a few are shorter then five hours (however ‘how long to beat’ timings for puzzle games can be a bit off sometimes…) so I think I’m going to focus on the shorter games for the next few weeks…

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