Level 4 - What I've been playing

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It’s been a busy end of year, but I’ve made time for games.

I bought a Diablo 3 because a colleague at work bought a Switch and got it as well. We travelled for work and got the season finished. I haven’t been back since,but had a lot of fun playing through the main story and the seasonal milestones. I’ll probably go back for the next season. Playtime: 15 hours

Diablo 3

The matchup mode in Pinball FX3 sucked me in for weeks at a times… until I didn’t own any tables to play for weeks at a time. The new Williams tables are great and I now have a FlipGrip to use next time I jump into Pinball FX3. Playtime: 20 hours

I was given Farming Simulator for last Christmas and never got around to playing it. I picked it back up when I wasn’t sure what to play next. Playing around ten hours, I can say I’m pretty well done with it now. The port is decent, it’s just too feature sparse compared to the mods you can get on PC.

Pokemon. The surprise of Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu is the co-op gameplay! Whilst the game is a complete nostalgia fest, being able to play Pokemon with my wife is the star of the show. I quite like all the changes (no proper ramdom battles, the new catching system) and whilst it does not live up to the hype and memories of say gen 4 it is still an excellent Pokemon game and I’m looking forward to finishing it.

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu

I’ve started the Year of Shame/Backlog Busting 2019 with Earthbound on Virtual Console and Pullblox on 3DS. I’ll be blogging more on this in January but the TL;DR is that I can only buy two games for myself in 2019.

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