50 Mile Goal Is 40 Complete

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Went out yesterday and today, and rode for around 5 miles each day. Today I thought it was a really awesome idea to ride down a country lane. That was really a farmers track. Bear in mind it has been raining all morning.

I ended up with a rather large block of mud around my front brakes and suspension fork. Got a tad messy removing it all, and eventually gave up when I got most of it out. I don’t think I’ll be going up that path again any time soon… Today’s ride was 5.6 miles and was a tad longer than yesterdays. I only got off when the mud got a tad thick and sloppy otherwise I probably would of ended up face first in it. (Which would of made an awesome photo, I’m sure)

So it looks like my 50 miles goal for July might of been a little too low but better to achieve it, than miss it because I set a too lofty target.

Onwards and upwards!

[Sadly none of the pictures from this series of blog posts survived being moved…]

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