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An update to how I use (Android Edition) (Lifelogging)

An update to how I use (Android Edition)
Twelve months ago I wrote a blog post that explained how I used with all the various services and hardware that I owned. That was iPhone centric, but I now use a Galaxy Note 8 so there has been some fairly major changes...

Time Tracking With Tasker (Lifelogging)

Time Tracking With Tasker
I listen to the podcast Cortex when I’m driving, and they got me interesting in looking up time tracking and how maybe this would benefit me. I already use Rescuetime with Exist as a measure of sleep, productivity, social media posts,...

Android O2 Mms Settings (How-To)

Android O2 Mms Settings
My Samsung Galaxy S2 has been failing to receive picture messages (MMS) since I flashed it with CyanogenMod a few months back. Not a big deal, but it was kind of annoying. No amount of fiddling with the APN settings...