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Essential road-warrior travel technology for geeks (Reviews)

Essential road-warrior travel technology for geeks
I have spent a lot of time travelling for work during the first half of 2019, and am starting to perfect the perfect grab bag of technology to make my work and leisure time out of the office more useful, productive and fun. You need to judge what you’ll be doing, where you are going, and how much spare time you’ll have. Don’t bring a 3DS and a Switch if you are going for three days and know you’ll be out every night. Consider wether you really need your laptop AND your iPad - the iPad always loses. Every gram...

GoAccess - An Awstats Alternative (How-To)

GoAccess - An Awstats Alternative
I didn’t really want to bother with installing AWStats and setting up the cgi stuff that goes with it, as well as setting the web server to ensure the stats stay hidden. I just want to get a rough idea of who’s visiting my site and when. I’m usually happy with running a terminal window with tail -f, but sometimes a bit more analysis is needed. Today I found a cool alternative, GoAccess. It has a nice simple and usable interface based on Curses (It’ll be familiar if you used Irssi, Mutt, or the like) and gives all the needed...