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Bootstrap 4 - New Blog Theme (Projects)

Bootstrap 4 - New Blog Theme
I decided last week that I really wanted a card based theme for my blog. After all, cards are cool. After spending a few hours messing around with existing themes, and trying to customise them to my vision for what I wanted… someone at my local hackspace suggested I took a look at Bootstrap when I couldn’t get them to generate valid HTML properly. This was cool because I got to learn something new (see 2019 goals!) but because Bootstrap is modern and responsive and made creating the cards I longed for super duper simple. Bootstrap is a HTML/CSS/JS framework...

Migrating Pelican To Jekyll (How-To)

Migrating Pelican To Jekyll
Pelican and Jekyll both use markdown formatting for their posts, but their post metadata (front matter in Jekyll parlance) formatting is slightly different. I have over 150 posts to migrate, so started looking for a few ways to make this process easier. Jekyll metadata needs to be surrounded by two lines containing three dashes ---. This is easily achieved with the use of sed. To add the line to very top of the file, use the following sed command. sed -i '1i ---' *.md To add the line directly underneath your front matter, you can use something like this which...

My new Jekyll powered blog (Projects)

My new Jekyll powered blog
I knew I had to move away from at some point, but it was too convenent to bother making the switch. The annual renewal was coming around quickly and $100 was not going to fly this year so I started to look at Static Site Generators again. Having previously used Pelican before, I knew how good they could be but also what a pain they could make out of the blogging workflow. Pelican required me to run its scripts to generate the site, and I still had to find somewhere to host the static HTML files. Not a big...