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Android O2 Mms Settings

Android O2 Mms Settings

Posted on 2012-02-26


My Samsung Galaxy S2 has been failing to receive picture messages (MMS) since I flashed it with CyanogenMod a few months back. Not a big deal, but it was kind of annoying. No amount of fiddling with the APN settings...

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3ds Circle Pad Pro Review

3ds Circle Pad Pro Review

Posted on 2012-01-30


I have pretty big hands, because I’m a pretty big guy. I love my DSi XL for this reason: it’s the most comfortable handheld console I’ve ever owned. I played three hours straight of Dragon Quest on it the other...

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Apple Airport Express

Posted on 2011-02-25


Replaced an old wireless access point with an Apple AirPort Express this week. It’s pretty neat, the best part being wireless speakers connected to any iPod touch or iPhone in the house. Wherever you are! Also, my wireless actually works...

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