Round 2 - Week 1

Starting Fresh #

I got busy, and fell off the wagon and then the horse bolted. Time to try for some accountability again.

When my knees both starting creaking this month, I realised it was time to do something about it. I used Huel about five years ago to help lose some weight, and wanted to try again.

My biggest issue with dieting in general is controlling how much I eat. I am a snack monster. I cannot be controlled.

Anyway, I ordered two bags of Huel Black, and two bags of Hot and Savoury Huel and set to work. I also started using the LoseIt app to track my calories as MyFitnessPal seems to have jumped the shark and wants £70 a year to use the barcode scanner.

This week, I managed to lose 1.4kg already and that was with a complete midweek blowout Dominos! I can only imagine how much I would have lost without that slip up.

Going forward, I have settled on 1-2 Huel Shakes a day and a real meal for dinner for anywhere between 1500-2000 calories a day (depending on if I can be bothered to leave the house, which I should be, but mostly, I am not bothered) - We’ll see how week 2 goes!