Week 02

Monday 10th January to Sunday 16th January #

Last week I said these were my goals for the week:

Sleep Hygiene #

My latest time asleep last week was 11:19pm on Saturday night but during the week they ranged between 10:25pm and 11:15pm. Forcing myself to be in bed by 10.30pm and reading if I feel like it or otherwise just going to sleep has been going well.

Finish ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ #

As I read every night before bed (see above) I was able to read a few hundred pages this week and finish the first Lord of the Rings book.

I will probably read a non-fiction book next.

Apple Watch Rings #

I failed hard on this goal.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday went well, and gradually fell off a cliff from there.

I need to be more mindful that when I’m busy at work; I need to make time for my health as well as my hobbies. Projects at work really ratched up over the course of the week and I hosted about seven hours of video calls on Friday. This really finished me off and ruined any notions I had of having an active weekend.

Goals for Week #