Week 03

Monday 17th January to Sunday 23th January #

Last week’s goals #

Sleep habits - These are well established now. I feel compelled to start winding down subconsciously around 9.45pm now, and this is when I get my reading time in.

Health / Activity - I have been struggling to get into the groove here. I think this will get easier when it starts becoming more appealing to head out for a walk at lunch and after work. It’s no fun going for a walk when it’s dark and wet at 5pm. The only great choice I made was choosing to pick up a purchase from Argos which is a 2 mile round trip (twice!)

I didn’t manage to make Ringfit into a sustainable habit which I think is because it hurts my knees.

I might revisit Ringfit Adventure in a few months time but for now I am going to hang up the ringcon.

Backlog - I picked up Super Mario 3D Land this week as a palette cleanser. I forgot how much fun this Mario game actually is and am really enjoying playing through. It might even be one of my favourite Mario games (Super Mario Land is my favourite)

Goals for Week #

I’ve found I need to make these goals quantifiable. If I don’t, then they don’t really mean much.

  1. Complete Super Mario 3D Land (but maybe not the secret levels), and finish a few more dungeons in Ocarina of Time before bouncing to another game.
  2. Hit an average of 7500 steps & 30 active minutes a day - last week’s average was 4800 steps and 25 minutes
  3. Write a long-form blog post