Week 04

Monday 24th January to Sunday 30th January #

Week 4 Exist insights

Last week’s Goals #

  1. Complete Super Mario 3D Land (but maybe not the secret levels), and finish a few more dungeons in Ocarina of Time before bouncing to another game.
  2. Hit an average of 7500 steps & 30 active minutes a day - last week’s average was 4800 steps and 25 minutes
  3. Write a long-form blog post

Gaming - I finished the main ‘story’ in Mario 3D Land yesterday, and boy did it feel good. One game removed from the backlog. I honestly didn’t play much last week apart from this game.

Steps - The week started strong where I hit nearly 7000 steps on Monday and Tuesday but I feel off the cliff when I get home mid-week. This was the opposite of what I was expecting and something to think about next week - I got no where near close to 7500 steps a day, and my average was just 5737.

Rolling Average6714687955165447491946175737

Active Minutes - As with steps, I started strong and tailed off in a big way. I need to think about keeping active mid to late week. A long walk to a local park saved the week (just), but the fate on the week shouldn’t rest on Sunday’s shoulders. This week’s average (thanks to Sunday) was 34 minutes.

Active Minutes0:32:000:35:000:15:000:33:000:02:000:07:001:57:00
Rolling Average0:32:000:33:300:27:200:28:450:23:240:20:400:34:26

Blogging - I wrote two posts this week. The first was inspired by a conversation I had on Discord about RSS feeds, and the second was a simple how-to post for future reference about resetting an LED controller.

Next Week’s Goals #

Given my considerable failure on the steps/active minutes I will make an effort to physically leave the house and go for a short 20-30 minute walk at lunch time. This means I might need to prepare lunch before I start work but that is hardly a bad thing, is it?

On a related note, I think now is the time to get back to logging my food and watching my diet with MyFitnessPal.

Looking at my projects, I really want to start learning how to effectively use Docker to containerise some code I’ve been working on. Therefore this week, I want to successfully dockerise a simple Python flask app.

Over the next few months, I want to migrate everything I use in my homelab onto a single Raspberry Pi again and Docker seems to be the key to acheiving this.