Week 05

Last Week - 31st January to 06th February #

Once again the week started and ended strong but I really need to find the same enthusiam between Wednesday and Saturday. I think this correlates perfectly with being busy at work, and neglecting to think about the bigger picture.

I had a ‘lovely’ walk tonight in the rain…. unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save the average and whilst it was bloody freezing it felt pretty good when it stopped raining.

Rolling Average861611140102958634763469427069

I was pretty good at logging on MyFitnessPal - it certainly made me think before I ate, but I didn’t make any drastic changes to my diet yet. I need to get a grip here and soon; I’m travelling for work again, and I really don’t want to eat badly as I don’t think my health can afford that anymore. Extra attention required here.

The lowest day was about 1300 calories, and the highest day was 3600 (damn beer)

I am starting to think about reducing / cutting out caffeine - my wife completely dropped coffee and says she feels so much better in the mornings. I am not sure how I feel about this yet, and will start pondering this (rather large) change over the coming weeks.

On Docker… I managed to dockerise my little flask app and host it within a Home Assistant addon. Unfortunately, it’s not quite usable in that state due to the way HomeAssistant works. I am happy I managed to make a Home Assistant addon, but re-working the flask app is a project for ‘not right now’!

On reading… I only read for 3 nights before bed. I have no idea why I didn’t bother; and will try again this week. I will note down why i choose not to read if that is the case.

Next Week #

Try not to get stressed out, and think about the impact of the little choices.

  1. Steps - Keep trying! This needs to become a routine habit like I did with sleep hygiene. Try out early morning walks.
  2. Health - Make good choices, and try to limit daily intake to 2000 calories. Consider how much coffee you’re drinking.
  3. Reading - Time to create new lights out routine - around 10pm, it’s time for a tea and book. See how this goes.