Week 06

Last Week - 7th February to 13th February #

  1. Steps - Keep trying! This needs to become a routine habit like I did with sleep hygiene. Try out early morning walks.
  2. Health - Make good choices, and try to limit daily intake to 2000 calories. Consider how much coffee you’re drinking.
  3. Reading - Time to create new lights out routine - around 10pm, it’s time for a tea and book. See how this goes.

    Steps - I managed an average of 7625 this week! Woohoo. I’m still tailing off at the end of the week, but I’m going to blame the shitty weather for that.

    Health - I really can’t stand logging on MyFitnessPal. I find it boring, tedius, and especially difficult when I am travelling. I need to mix this up a bit. I also went out for drinks with a friend this week which sort of blew a hole in Wednesday and sank the rest of the week. I used to have a cheatsheet of healthy food when travelling so I might need to get that back up to date and I certainly drank less coffee this week which I intend to try and continue over the next few weeks. Not 100% ready to drop caffiene yet though!

    Reading - Time to choose a new book…. I didn’t read once before bed… instead I opted for Skryim on the Switch or a podcast which was the opposite of what I was trying for - I think I might start on the discord series again.

This Week #

This week I am going to try and start using my Cortex Theme System journal properly using the following ‘daily themes’ alongside using the notes pages to reflect on what went well ‘today’, and what could go better ‘tomorrow’.

GoalNo CircleHalf CircleFull Circle
DietBad food dayMostly good food dayExcellent Choices
ReadingN/AN/ARead before bed
Sleep< 7 hours sleepIn bed for 10.30pm7 hours sleep
StepsMissing ringsRings Complete7500 Steps.
Inbox XeroInbox is still a messNearly at zeroEverything dealt with

I would really like to get these into unconscious habbit phase, as well as just having an all round great week. Work was a bit of a struggle this week with a number of projects reaching their crunch points all at the same time - I’ve made some changes to my daily routine to try and make sure this doesn’t throw me off balance like it did mid-week this week. That wasn’t fun.